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Fibrotomy and Frenectomy Procedures

Fibrotomy (Pericision)

This is a minor procedure which helps to reduce the incidence of rotated teeth returning to their original position after the braces are removed. During orthodontic treatment the fibres holding the teeth are stretched, and when the braces are removed they may pull the tooth back around again. The fibrotomy disrupts these fibres and reduces the likelihood of this occurring.


A frenectomy is a minor procedure to remove a band of skin and fibres that can pass down from the lip between the 2 upper front teeth resulting in spacing between these teeth. This space can open up again after being closed by orthodontic treatment. Normally 3-4 dissolving stitches will be used. These will dissolve in 7-10 days.


Usually, these procedures are carried out with a local anaesthetic. This is the same as the type used by your Dentist or School Dental Nurse for fillings. Numbing paste is placed on the gums beforehand to make it more comfortable. It is important that you remember not to bite or chew on your lip if it is numb, as it will be very painful afterwards!


The anaesthetic will wear off relatively quickly, so you should take the pain-relieving medication you would usually take for example, for a headache (avoiding Aspirin), 1 hour before the procedure. It is not necessary to have antibiotics for these procedures, unless there is a medical problem such as rheumatic heart disease or a heart murmur.


You may notice that your saliva is blood-stained for a short time and you may need to take some further pain relief later in the day. You should just have soft or pureed food on the day of the procedure. Healing after the surgery is quick however, you may notice a fine red line on the gum for 1-2 days. To help healing, start bathing the mouth the next day with warm salt water (half a teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm water - holding in mouth for 1 minute and repeating 3 times a day for a week).

You should try to keep your teeth as clean as possible. Continue wearing your orthodontic elastics and any appliance(s) that you were before the procedure. Orthodontic plates should be left out on the day of the procedure but should be worn again that evening.

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